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mGeo Exporter v1.0

Public release: First fully functional mGeo Exporter v1.0

mGeo Exporter v1.0

mGeo Exporter script is designed to export Polygons , NURBS, Curves and Particles with any Attribute from Maya to Houdini.

Key features
      • Utilises JSON GEO as intermediary format to convert data to BGEO format that Houdini can read natively. Using a small utility called gconvert, that is installed with Houdini.
      • Allows you to save Polygons , NURBS, Curves and Particles types all in one file.
      • Using Pivots mode you can store any DAG Object as a point with transformations (translation, orientation, scale) and any arbitrary attributes, This is especially useful for transferring large number of copied of instanced Objects.
      • Animation transfer in MDD format or sequence of BGEO files.
      • Additionally you can create and assign Objects and Points to Groups based on specific criteria. Groups will carry through and work like you expect them in Houdini.
      • Export settings are embedded in scene file as export sets

          Geometry saving options

          • Polygons
              Create primitive groups based on following criterias :
                  assigned material
                  object name
                  shape- node name
                  name of the parent node
                  layer name
              Read any attributes and record them as primitive attributes.
              Export vertex attributes : UV, Vertex Color, Vertex Normal, Edge Crease
          • Curves
              Export as NURBS curves or Poly Line
              Primitive Groups criterias :
                  object name
                  name of the parent node
                 display  layer name
          • Particles
              Transfer any attributes with particle or particle system node
              Create point- groups based on particle or emitter
          • Pivots 
              add any attribute to pivot points as point attributes
              adding attributes orient and scale, ready for use with CopySOP
              Pivot Groups criterias :
                  object name
                  shape- node name
                  name of the parent node

          Quick demo

          Video Tutorials


          1. For Maya version older than 2014 install first PyQt
          2. Decompress pw_mGeo folder to your PYTHONPATH
          3. In Script Editor (Python tab) execute following code
          import pw_mGeo

          mGeo Exporter has been tested on following platforms:
          • Maya 2013 x64 Windows 7
          • Maya 2014 x64 Windows 7
          • Maya 2014 OSX 10.9.1
          Questions, suggestions, bug reports can be written in Comments area.
          Plans for future: Improvements in area of working with Attributes.
          Add more functionality. Add support for presets etc. As long as the script is useful it will be developed and evolve. Last but not least I would like to Thank  Алексей (Somesanctus) Смоленчук, for helping me.

          18 комментариев:

          1. I'm following your routine from lesson 8 (optimization) and when it comes to export cam parameters everything goes fine till step when i'm creating a file node in houdini and point it to exported camera cache - when i middle click on the file node it says - unable to read file. I'm using houdini Maya2014x64 and hou12.5.562 - everything under win7sp1x64 - any suggestions?

          2. 1. try with simple scene
            2. send the scene to the my email, i check it

          3. Thank you, i'm gonna prepare files and send it to you - small test scenes. Anyway the thing is i've aready tried your method and it worked under hou 12.5.533 and 12.5.469 - i'm pointing mgeo to gconvert and geometry goes without any problems, but still no luck with the camera...

          4. Everything sorted out - it was about camera animation range. So please check your camera timeline - cause in my scene (in maya) camera starts from 110, and i didn't noticed it. So houdini gave me an error at frame zero and you know what happened next :) Thanks Paul for your assistance!

          5. this is wonderful!!! what is your licensing scheme?
            also would you be able to deliver support?
            also am I correct in seeing data going from Houdini back to Maya as well cause that would be stellar!

          6. Free. Not licensed.
            Support available, send me email your suggestion.

          7. this is really amazing, very powerful tool!!
            and I have a little problem, when I export anything from maya,
            it's always jump a warning messages window "Please, set the $HFS path",
            what's that mean?
            and then I click OK button, it still work, but some kind export can be used, some doesn't, like camera export...
            just like Анонимный said : houdini's file node unable to read file.

          8. Try last version

            1. thank a lot, it's working, but still show the warning window,
              and this time warning message is "Please, set the GCONVERT file path",
              what does that mean?
              I still not understand...
              Did I missing some step?

            2. You do not have access to write the settings file. The script can not remember the path HFS.
              For windows: ./User/AppData/Roaming/
              For OSX: home/user/.config
              For Linux: home/user/.config
              I fix some parts, try again:

            3. Yeah, it's working, many thanks, nice and powerful tool. :)

          9. im using the for each node to import materials on an animated bgeo sequence, but the for each node slows down my scene when i press play. how do i get for each to only calculate once for better playback? thank you.

            1. 1. Export one frame to bgeo with extra attributes and groups (materials etc)
              2. If your geometry topology not change use MDD cache to export animation. it is much faster
              3. You can use Alembic to export animation. Inside Houdini just copy attributes and groups from single bgeo file.

          10. на 2015 майке на маке не хочет работать(((

            1. Не имел возможности проверить. Напиши какую ошибку выдает майка.

          11. I'm also trying it with Maya 2015 and it is working but it's dead slow... 3 min/frame just for exporting 1 not very high res object. Please if you have some time check this. Thanks in advance!

          12. Export to slow because it is a python. It's OK. The faster you can get only with c++. But my script use Python.